Temporary Closure SOS Algarve Animals

by SOS Algarve Animals on July 11, 2015

This  summer is our sixth anniversary.  During this time we are happy to share that not just hundreds but thousands of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens have been rescued and rehomed.  More thousands have been sterilised and returned…

It’s hard work.  It doesn’t end.  The constant phone calls, emails, messages, cries for help.  The updates and posts, writings and meetings.   Fundraising and even thanking everyone.  Taking in each and every animal means hours or work, driving, vet appointments.  Rehoming each and every animal means even more hours of work… as we never ever rush a rehoming.  Caring for, looking after, vetting, even photographing all the animals.   Our sterilisation campaigns, our sterilisation help… behind every animal there are emails upon emails… not to mention the work to raise the funds to help them.  Then we have the hard cases.  The catching of dogs and cats… hours of driving hours, of waiting, hours of trying… with hopefully a good ending.  The cases of abuse… heartbreaking while trying to never give up.

We are not a big group.  Over the years some of our team have come and gone.  We have seen other charities come and go.  We have some super volunteers, who are great help at events and campaigns.  But for the most part  there are just two of us doing the majority of this work.  We do it with no pay, with no accolation, we never whine or complain…we just keep going.  We do it for the animals.

It is all worthwhile.  There is an improvement.   As a small example,  the town where we are located… we used to find a few dogs and at least one litter of puppies every week.  Now it is maybe every month, probably less.  Because we sterilise.  Every animal that passes our paths… she (or he) will be sterilised.  Without accomplishing this basic fact it will not improve.

So as the sun is shining we have to say that we will be closing down temporarily, our facebook, our website, and our phones.  After six years almost every day doing this work it does wear you down.   We hope for everyone’s understanding.  This decision has not come lightly but we want to be doing this for another six years…

We will be taking 2 months personal time.   We will be back stronger and busier than ever in mid-September.  We will continue to help with sterilisations through the summer.  We will continue a small amount of rehoming of the animals currently under our care, if you are interested in adopting please send an email to sosalgarveanimals@hotmail.com with Adoption in the subject.

If you need help for an animal, a case of abuse, or rehoming please refer to our useful links here.

We will continue to offer assistance by sponsoring sterilisations.   If you need help with sterilisation only please email to sosalgarveanimals@hotmail.com including “Sterilisation” in the subject heading.

Thank you for your understanding.