Update from the Algarve Dog Show

by SOS Algarve Animals on July 19, 2011

Update from The Algarve Dog Show June 4 and June 5

Two long but successful days were had at the Algarve Dog Show for our second year running.  We paired up with Merry Legs Pet Resort, and gratefully accepted their offer of volunteers and help.  Able to keep our dog show animals at their hotel over the weekend, it allowed us to take with us animals not only from foster families and hotels, but also some dogs from the Canil Sao Francisco – as we did not want to send them back to the shelter after such long days.

In addition to the animals, we also had homemade dog biscuits, caps, picture frames and balloons for sale. Our volunteers and foster parents attended the event and were an amazing help giving information to potential interested foster families who will help our cause someway in the future. The reaction to our new project ‘join our club’ and to our sterilization plan was positive and we are very hopeful that we have gained some more loyal followers. 

In total we made 97 euros in sales and 345 euros in donations.  Thank you to everyone for your help and support.  Other persons brought us good donations, and they were happily accepted and all is now being or has been distributed and used.  Visit our thank you page for photos of these donated goods.   

Here were the animal stars of the weekend who all found homes:

  1. Poppy.  Herself a rescue from a riding stables, she found a wonderful home with….another family with horses.    The new family did not even know of Poppy’s background when they first fell in love with her, and when they found this out they decided Poppy was destined to be a member of their family.   
  2. Martin.  Too shy to walk at the dog show, Martin just gave his special and gentle look to all the passer’s by.  One of the performers at the dog show fell for his very sad eyes, and could not stop thinking about him all weekend.  She spent lots of time with us and with Martin, and at the end of the show adopted Martin.  He now lives on a big farm in the west Algarve, with other doggie friends and is loving going to the beach with his new mummy. 
  3. Dahlia found a lovely home with a family that we know ! 
  4. Fishergirl only went to the show for a few hours but in that time she found a lovely new daddy who had come to the show looking for a little dog to keep him company in his part-time retirement.  Still a little too young to go to her new home, she returned with her foster mummy and went to her new daddy the next week. 
  5. Dineke’s little girl also found a home, the only girl from this litter she is very special and has found a wonderful new mummy and daddy.  The other puppies from this litter still need to find homes!
  6. Jessie found a home also with a family that we know!
  7. Fergus, who until the dog show had been living at the shelter for many years,  found a home with a lovely family and is settling in very well. 
  8. Max…at the very end of the dog show Max, all of a sudden, had two families interested in him.  One family took him home as a foster, and he has now found the perfect fit and home and has been adopted permanently.
  9. White kitten…found a home very quickly and he is settling in very well.
  10. Orange kitten….also found a lovely home.
  11. Tortie kitten….was our last kitten to find a lovely home.
  12. Kate has found a wonderful home with a new mummy looking for an older dog.  Kate cannot believe her luck, after spending at least three years at the shelter, she thinks she is now in doggie heaven.   She sleeps every night on her mummy’s bed and has so many toys she does not know which one to play with first.
  13. Fluffy has found a wonderful family where she and the mummy are the only girls of the house, so they will stand together against all the boys (dogs and humans)!
  14. Jolly (not at the dog show) was lucky enough to later find a home with a lovely family whom we met and spoke with at the dog show.
  15. Shafira (not at the dog show) was also lucky enough to find a home with a wonderful family who saw her information and photo’s at the dog show. 
  16. Patches (not at the dog show) also found a home with a lovely family who we met and spoke with at the dog show.

** Chance was also at the show, and since the show Chance has been reserved for a new home in Berlin

Here are our other animals who were at the dog show and still need to find a home of their own:

  1.  Grace had a wonderful time. She adored all the attention and activity and was so very loving to everyone giving her a stroke, pat or especially a walk. Many people thought Grace was very lovely but sadly Grace is still waiting to find a family and home of her own.
  2. Oscar was reserved at the dog show to a lovely woman, but very sadly we have not had any recent confirmation and we think that Oscar may again be looking for a home.
  3. Lux is and was an absolute star. He was very friendly, loving, sweet, excellent with children, with all the noise, all the activity and all the other dogs. He had many people interested but sadly he was a little older than what people were looking for and no one was able to offer Lux a home.
  4. Dennis had a lot of fun at the show, but the activity was perhaps a little too much for Dennis, who wanted to play with everyone also perhaps a little too much. 
  5. Bruno and Sherry (two puppies also came to the show.  This was one of their first outings and they were quite intimidated, but we learned lots about them, got some lovely photos, and they are now going on many more outings to help them gain confidence.
  6. Britney was as sweet and gentle and good as could be.  Although much older, Britney went to the show just in case someone may want to offer an older but happy and playful dog a loving home.  Sadly, even though she was of course our absolute best behaved dog at the show, no one was able to offer Britney a home.

All in all the weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by all and a great success for us and the animals re homed over the weekend.  Photos of the weekend are on-line at https://picasaweb.google.com/sosalgarveanimals/AlgarveDogShowJune4AndJune5?authkey=Gv1sRgCInQ09qr4473_gE#

Please visit our happy homes page on the website for pictures and more information on all of our lucky animals – past and present that have been re homed since SOS ALGARVE ANIMALS opened its (virtual) doors.