Update From the Algarve Dog Show 2013

by SOS Algarve Animals on July 1, 2013

So a tiring but fun weekend at the Algarve Dog Show held June 1 and June 2, 2013. And we have many many people to thank. First to Paws 4 Pets and the Portugal News, for making this event possible.  Thanks to our groomers and bathers in preparation for the show, Patricia, Lisa and Julia. To our incredible volunteers and walkers at show, Julia, Kev, Niki, Patricia, Lili, Angus, Lennie, Lidia, Frederique, Adelia, Felicity, Sam, Luisa, Charlie, (and even Athol who was walking dogs). A very special thanks to Shauna and Cal, who covered all day Saturday and Sunday…and whose help we would never have managed without. Thank you to all our visitors – those who came to show support and those who came back for a visit with their dogs adopted years before– we always love meeting you again (and especially your dogs)! We also had many people kindly give donations of food and money, thank you.

We had tremendous support at the show from some lovely stands and businesses which was a truly unexpected surprise – Maravisita and Chili Boy Piri Piri. Birch Photography who was photographing the show all weekend, as so for the first time we relaxed and our cameras stayed mostly in our bags. Paws 4 Pets, without whom the show would never take place. Also thanks to Kiss FM for our radio morning slot on Sunday. And of course the Print Shop, who went to tremendous effort to help us with printing all our publicity in preparation for the show.

But especially, thank you to Affinity Global Wealth, who partnered with SOS Algarve Animals all weekend, held games and raffles for our cause and managed to raise lots of money – as well as all the fun we shared. We will be posting more photos and information about all these activities (truly we were busy!) today and tomorrow.

For finding homes, unfortunately it was a quieter show than years before. Hector and Robina went to the show and met their lovely new families.  And (although not with us at the show) we spoke with interested families for Muffin and Halley, and they returned after the show to meet these lovely dogs and have now moved on to their wonderful new families.  But sadly, the location of the charity stands this year (at the far end of the show with little foot traffic) made it very hard and there were few visitors to any of the charities – truly unfortunate and we hope this set up is not repeated in future years as it is normally a wonderful show and the support of The Portugal News to animal rescue is irreplaceable to everyone involved.

We met many of our lovely rehomed dogs from years before including Kika, Becky, Sola, Blacky and Eddie, and the dogs and new families are so happy it was wonderful to see.

And a last very special thanks to our dogs, who were all brilliant, and very well behaved. They won many prizes (lots of dog food and treats). Especially Ozzie who won 1st for Best Portuguese Breed, little Hector who won two 1st places (or his handlers won) in both the younger and older age groups, and Andy – who won 1st for Best Rufty Tufty Puppy (how could he not?). And of course little Camellia (who does not sound so little) and was nominated on Saturday as the winner of the Peta Birch Foundation Award the Naughtiest Scamp!

More photos can be found here.