Missing Pets


Portuguese Database for Lost and Found Pets
Website: http://www.encontra-me.org/
Email: geral@encontra-me.org


Missing Pets Algarve

Algarve Facebook Group  for Lost and Found Pets
Facebook (Group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/missingpetsalgarve/

Lost Pets Algarve

Algarve Database and Advice for Lost and Found Pets
Website: http://www.lostpetsalgarve.com/
Email: missing@lostpetsalgarve.com


Note:   If your pet is microchipped there are two databases in which to register that microchip.  The SIRA (which is the “vet” database and please contact a vet to have the chip registered in SIRA) and the SICAFE (which is the “municipal” database and please see your local Junta Fregusia to have the chip registered in SICAFE).   Unfortunately, municipal authorities (e.g. the municipal camara canil) will only look in the SICAFE database and will rarely refer to the SIRA database, while vets only have access to the SIRA database and not the SICAFE.  It is extremely important that if you loose a microchipped pet the chip is registered in BOTH data bases.   If a microchipped pet is lost we strongly advise you contact both a vet and your Junta Fregusia with the chip number to inform them the pet is lost and to confirm no mistakes have been made and all contact details are correctly on file.


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