Villa – A Special Happy Ending

by SOS Algarve Animals on March 20, 2013

Many months ago there was an old dog abandoned on the street corner. He stayed there waiting for one week before, finally, someone cared enough to stop for him.

Not very special looking, definitely not young, this dog was so lost, so sad, his heart had broken. It took days before he would start to eat. He did not understand what had happened to him…he did not understand why he had waited and no one came back. He had been good, he was very obedient, he knew to sit, to stay, to wait…he had done everything he could to be a good dog. And now he was 8 and for whatever reason he was not wanted anymore and had been thrown away….to wait and wait…

And so Villa came into our care, and we did not expect to ever find him a home…but we hoped. And several months ago we suggested Villa as a possibility to be adopted by a German family who had just lost their much beloved older dog. They and their young daughter knew how special, how gentle, how wonderful it was to offer an older dog a chance. And so they did not mind who they could offer a home to, only that the dog was gentle, and kind, and that they were older…

And it was Villa that they choose. And this is Villa (now Nonno) in his home and with his best friend Nora. It is special to see the love that they share.

Thank you Yvonne and to Nonno’s new family for giving Villa the happiness and love he so very much deserved.

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