Look at one of the many ways to volunteer!

Our team is only volunteers, with more help we can do more!  There are many ways to help by giving even a little time to making the lives of abandoned animals better.  Here are a few of the types of help that we need the most!

Dog Walking:  If you have perhaps an hour a week come join us and our volunteers for a dog walk or even dog grooming.  The little ones, the old ones, the energetic ones all adore this fun and activity. Sadly, still not enough volunteers to offer all the dogs a chance, and it is very sad when you see their faces at the fence saying please, please is it my turn now? And you have to turn away and tell them another time…..Please come and help. Just half an hour is a huge help to making them that little bit happier. Tuesday and Fridays between 3 and 5 are our most regular times for this. We are in the Almancil area.

Visit facebook for some photos of one of our last walks.

Be A Flight Parent: Flying to Germany or Holland? Help us get our animals to their new homes. Animals are not allowed to travel on their own, they need a flight parent! No cost, no inconvenience, we will bring the animal in its cage to the airport with all documents at your flight check-in. You will be met upon on arrival at the airport by the new families who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their newest family member.  For more information visit How To Be A Flight Parent.

Fosters:  If you are interested in fostering this is a wonderful way to care for a dog, puppy, cat or kitten for a limited period of time.  Especially to start, we would ask you foster a reserved animal who has a travel date so as you know exactly how long you will need to care for the animal.  We work very closely with our foster families to ensure both you and the animal are happy and that everything is going well.  The importance of fostering is enormous, and the rewards of fostering are tremendous.

Hold a Fundraiser: Dinners, Quiz Nights, Bake Sales, sponsored dog walks are just a few of the ways to raise funds.   If you have any ideas or would like to organize a fundraiser your help is always appreciated.

Email sosalgarveanimals@hotmail.com or Contact Us if you would like to be a volunteer

– your help is always needed!