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Sterilise Our Strays is a registered non-profit organisation whose purpose is the sterilisation of cats & dogs belonging to the street or cats & dogs belonging to low income families who otherwise have no means to pay for this operation.

We rely entirely on donations to continue our work.

Our focus is upon the education of responsible pet ownership as well as the publication of the plight of dogs and cats in the Algarve. We seek to provide financial assistance with "catch & spay and release" programs for mostly female cats and dogs.

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How We Help

Our help is with sterilisation of Algarve dogs & cats, puppies & kittens living on the streets, or belonging to low income families who cannot otherwise afford the operation. 


Sterilising dogs and cats protects the health and wellbeing of the animals and prevents more strays wondering the streets and endangering themselves and others


There are many taboos and beliefs when it comes to discussing sterilisation. We aim to show why sterilising is needed for the welfare and wellbeing of the animals


We offer help and guidance on how to pay for the sterilisation of animals if you cannot afford the operation. Funding comes from fundraising activities and grant applications

Success This Year

Through private fundraising we have managed to sterilise animals throughout Southern Portugal


Money spent on animal medical care

41% Increase on last year!


Animals sterilised, treated and cared for

34% Increase on last year!

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