A Look Back at 2017

In 2016 we are happy to announce we have helped to sterilise an astonishing 963 cats and dogs throughout the Algarve.  963 animals who are no longer able to add to the already immense and problematic situation of overpopulation and abandonment amongst cats and dogs.

90% of the total number of animals were females. In total 240 dogs, and 723 cats were neutered. The cost of these sterilisations for 2016 added up to a total of € 41.500,– which means an average of € 43,00 per animal. All animals when sterilised are given a wormer and a flee treatment (a few animals additional care when needed), and all dogs are microchipped and registered.

All these sterilisations are animals either from the street or from low income families.  For every animal that is sterilised a questionnaire by the applicant is completed.   Our goal is to ensure that we help to sterilise animals for whom the funding to pay for the operation is not otherwise available. Every penny is prioritized for sterilisation.

When we first began our sterilisation programs and campaigns in 2014….80% of our requests for help with sterilisation came from the non-Portuguese community.   While this help is always needed… our hope was to reach more of the Portuguese community…

We are happy to share that just 2 years later, in 2016, 80% of our requests for help with sterilisation came from the Portuguese community.

Despite our prioritizing of sterilisation we still continue to work and help in other ways, including rehoming of dogs and cats.   And in 2016 we have found new loving homes for 94 animals, 35 dogs, 22 puppies, 12 cats and 25 kittens… and a few ducks, geese and chicken as well.

So thank you everyone for your kindness and support… and here is hoping that together, in 2017, we are able to continue this vital work.

There are many people who help us, many people who give and care and support in all the ways that they can…. we are grateful no matter how small… for every penny makes a difference and has allowed for us to achieve this work.

There are many people who find animals, and who generously pay towards that animal’s costs, there are many people who adopt and give generous adoption fees, many people who sterilise street animals and give what they can, others who hold tea parties, luncheons, donate a sale of their profits, or even their tips into a money jar. It is too many to name everyone, but please accept our greatest thank you to everyone for all that they do to help the animals.

There are also some very special people who continually give throughout the year, perhaps a few times a year, perhaps even monthly, to support the work we do and to keep helping the animals. Our greatest thank you to the following people, who donate generously time and again throughout the year, to Christine P, KJG, Susanne L, MC De V, Kate D, A3Art, Make A Bid Make A Difference, Niki M, Sharon RY, and Christine & Buckhard G. Your constant support is so very much appreciated… thank you.

We would also like to thank everyone who has helped or held an event to raise money for SOS Algarve Animals and our work, especially towards sterilisation. Thank you to the Central Algarve Ladies Lunch Club, the Nora Group, the Alte Group, Jacqueline Ekins and Anne, Jilly Lister and Quinta Jacintina.

Thank you again… from us… but most importantly from the animals.