Fishermen’s Cats – Olhao

In conjunction with DPDSAA we have been able to sterilise so far in Olhao, the “Fishermen’s Cats” – the unsterilised cats are scattered around the port and the industrial estate.

Although we started here in February 2020 as well, Covid 19 and its numerous lockdowns and lack of work has affected the planning of this project tremendously.

Out of the 22 cats, 6 were males, and 14 female cats, and 2 cats were humanely euthanised.

14 female cats who will no longer be able to give birth to even more unwanted cats. There are still some cats to be caught & neutered & returned, but we will keep supporting Celia in her quest to have all cats neutered here.

We are all very grateful to DPDSAA for their help and funding of this project, making the life of the local cats a better life!

Fishermens Cats