Matilha Dog Publications


Petition To Change Animal Protection Law in Portugal by (ANIMAL)

Petition Demanding Investigations in EU States to Ensure That Animal Welfare Treaties are Followed by (ESDAW)

SOS Algarve Animals Publications:

By SOS Algarve Animals May 29, 2013:  A Travesty – The Matilha Dogs (English)

By SOS Algarve Animals May 19, 2013 and updated May 24, 2013:  A Matilha Dog’s Story (English)

By SOS Algarve Animals May 20, 2013 and updated May 24, 2013:  A Matilha Dog’s Story (Portuguese)


May 24, 2013: Petition to save dogs kept in abusive conditions at the Matilha Envolta located in Rogil, Aljezur and for action against Mr. Pedro Miguel Oliviera, owner

May 20, 2013: Stop Abuse of Hunting Dogs in Portugal



Other Publications:

The Portugal News, May 30, 2013: Hunting Dog Hell

Correio de Manha May 24, 2013: Cães maltratados desapareceram

Algarve Resident May 23, 2013: Dogs in “Hell” Kennel Disappear

Grupo Parlamentar May 23, 2013: Maus tratos a animais num canil particular em Rogil (Aljezur)

Algarve Resident May 23, 2013:  Dozens of Dogs Trapped in “Hell” Kennel

Publico May 23, 2013: Dezenas de caes maltratados num canil particular em Aljezur

Algarve Daily News May 22 and update May 23, 2013: Portugal’s Dog Abuse Reaches New Heights in Aljezur

The Portugal News May 22, 2013: Council Vows to “Put an End” to Local Hunting Kennel

“ESDAW” European Society of Dog And Animal Welfare: Hunting Portugal



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