Municipal Camara Canil of Loule

The Loule municipal camara canil is the government run canil in the municpailty of Loule (one of the largest and richest municipalities in Southern Portugal).

We note that it is not allowed to take photos inside of the Loule camara canil.  Without photos it is hard to share what happens.  There is a soundtrack of the dogs crying in terror.

What has been happening at the Loule Camara Canil has been going on for decades.  It must stop.

Please take simple action to help end this terrible place.  

1. Sign the Petition (it is in Portuguese, there is a translation in comments)  .  The petition is available here: Petition

2. Write to the authorities a letter of complaint.   and


the dogs were dying in front of our eyes”
“the animals are slaughtered”
“cats were buried alive”

Summary of various points of the petition: 

–       the animals are kept at the canil in conditions that are inhumane.
–       The dogs are kept together in a cement cage which is awful, all dogs mixed together, the aggressive, large breeds, small breeds, and the sick.  The cage is wet from water hoses and rain, the cage if full of urine and feces.  
–       So much so that when someone approaches the cage where the large dogs and small dogs are kept together, the animals begin to attack each other and the kennel staff water the dogs with hoses to calm them down, keeping the animals wet and cold, in a cage that has no sun exposure. 
–       the authorities are placing animals traps around Loule…but not checking those traps… ofthen the animals starve to death. (see photos)
–       refusing to allow animal workers even a few days to remove a colony of cats, the authorities demolished a building burying a colony of cats alive
–       the canil has no physical conditions to collect and keep animals.  Nor is it even LISTED On the official DGAV animal collection points.  Yet it still holds animals.
–       The mayor has been informed on various occasions of these complaints and has
–       Dr Paulo Pina has been seen to operate on a dog not properly anesthetized. 

Events of February 28, photos and Letter sent by Witness

Dear sir, madam, I write you because of the horror i saw in front of the canil municipal in Loule. On wednesday the 25th of february at 19:02 h. me and my husband drove by when our attention was caught by a truck in front of the shelter. We stopped and had a look inside. What we saw was sickening. Around 15 dogs that were crying of pain, some of them dying in front of our eyes. Some of them not seduced and in severe pain. All of the dogs were in shock. I asked clarification when a woman came out of the shelter. She was very rude and ran back inside screaming “problems problems”. Than a man came outside. He was the driver of the truck. He was rude and threatened me. Than an english man came outside. He said he was the vet and asked what the problem was. I could not believe what he was telling us: with no emotion what so ever he said that the dogs were under sedation because he was “treating” them. One of the dogs was caught in a trap and was cut half open. The vet “stitched” the wound and put some green spray on it. The man was absolutely not amused by my company and after i told him i took pictures he grapped my iphone and my husband stepped in. After that he told the driver to drive away. I took several pictures of the dogs and i hereby make an official complaint about this. First of all i do not understand why a vet participates in these cruel acts?? A proper vet would have seen that the dogs were in shock and in severe pain. They should have been taken out of their misery. Second of all is the treatment not good. The stitches are quick and not well done. The green spray is only good for superficial wounds. This was all confirmed by a professional vet that has seen the photos. That brings me to the part that this vet is working for private clients. Is that where the portugese tax goes to?? Their money submits acts of cruelty in the purest form. After some investigation on the owners facebookpage, he admits that the dogs were his and that i did not understand the “sport of hunting”. So i am going to put it to you like this: Loule is in the running for a sportevent.. Is this what you call sport?? To have dogs hunt for wild pigs so you hunters do not get your hands dirty?? People like this are scum. And you, Mayor, have blood on your hands if you will continue a vet working like this in your shelters.. This is absolute madness. I love Portugal very much but this is animal cruelty in his purest form. I will send you the photos i took together with this complaint. I would like to get a response of you within 30 days. Best regards,




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