RIP Danny….

Danny the little guy with his dislocated hip, half blind, deaf, dementia, kidney failure, and awful lung fibroses. The little guy with eyes to die for, he touched many people’s heart, he was such a charmer! And he was so happy, but yet so unwell. He loved his walks and he loved his food, these were the 2 things he lived for..

He received all the medical care and love he so desperately needed and wanted, he enjoyed his old life to the full, as long as there were walks and there was plenty of food.

Despite all his medical issues, he was an absolute joy to have around, his godmother loved and loves him to bits, but she couldn’t have him due to severe allergies, so he came back with us for ‘end of life’ care. Danny was a quirky little guy, who knew exactly what he wanted, food and walks …

But on his walks he would disappear, he would turn another direction and disappear out of sight in 2 seconds. This morning he disappeared and he decided to follow an olive tree instead of his foster mums legs.. That is and was Danny…

Danny we are proud and honoured to have known you; you were left for dead and found, but you weren’t quite ready to leave yet, you lived these 2 months to the full, and more importantly you enjoyed these 2 months like no other.

Fly high Danny, until we meet again!