Gypsy Camp – 4 Estradas

The Work Continues: We recently went to the gypsy camp at 4 Estradas accompanied by a new volunteer…well, we had a great afternoon. So friendly, so welcoming. We went on request to de-worm their horses, especially the three foals. We had previously been donated de-worming for horses, pigs and cows, and it came to very good use! We also left 5 donated anti-flea and tickcollars, de-worming for 5 dogs, and some allopurinol for two of their dogs. Peta and family had donated some proper horse food, which was left for the foals. We had a great time helping them, taking photos. Next week we’ll go back to check upon the foals. Two of their female dogs have been sterilized, and will be returned on 18 July, when the last one will be picked and brought to our vet. If you would like to help support us in our work for sterilization and care of the dogs at this gypsy camp or similar camps please visit our joint sterilization sponsorship program or more information about supporting by donating goods or money can be found here. A report about our earlier visit to the Loule gypsy camp can be found here.


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